Improve the ocular health of your patients with hyper-hydration

Dry Eye Drink is designed specifically for those suffering from dry eyes to hyper hydrate the body, with a special focus on the ocular surface and tear film. Low Calorie, Low Sodium, and Sugar-Free!

Watch Dr. Beck explain the importance of hydration when treating dry eyes

First and Only Ophthalmic, Anti-Inflammatory, Hyper-Hydrating Drink

Dry eyes can occur for a number of reasons, however, countless studies have shown that proper hydration can reduce the symptoms of dry eye. The water deficit in the body not only causes fatigue and dry mouth, but it can also aggravate dry eye.

Using the time tested science of electrolytes, Dry Eye Drink can deliver hydration to the bloodstream and cells faster and more efficiently than water alone.

When patients mix Dry Eye Drink by Bruder with water, they can get 2-3 times the hydration, compared to water alone, without the high sugar and sodium found in other drinks, and includes anti-inflammatories and vitamins for eye health.

All Natural Ingredients and Sugar Free

Electrolytes to improve absorption

Vitamins proven to enhance eye health

Anti-Inflammatory ingredients to reduce inflammation

Daytime Formula

Daytime formula includes ingredients to reduce inflammation, vitamins proven to enhance eye health, and electrolytes to hyper-hydrate and help absorb these nutrients. Dry Eye Drink can deliver hydration to your bloodstream and cells faster and more efficiently than plain water.

Nighttime Formula

Dry Eye Drink PM promotes a good night’s sleep while hydrating the eyes. The PM formula contains all the ingredients of daytime, with an added blending of Chamomile, Melatonin, and Valerian Root to aid in sleep.

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Dry Eye Drink

Dry Eye Drink

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