Optase Dry Eye Intense Preservative Free Eye Drops

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OPTASE Dry Eye Intense drops, 10 mL

What it is: OPTASE® Dry Eye Intense Drops are preservative free and provide the protection and hydration your eyes require to reduce symptoms of Dry Eye.


  • The special formulation of OPTASE® Intense provides comfort from moderate to severe dry eye including dry eye post operatively.
  • Comes in a convenient multi-use drop bottle with advanced technology that maintains sterility over 3 months without preservatives. Avoid the hassle of individual vials while on the go

When to use: OPTASE® Dry Eye Intense Drops can be used to relieve moderate to severe symptoms of dry eyes such as discomfort and burning sensations, and may also protect against further irritation from dry eyes.

How It Works: The active ingredient glycerin in the OPTASE® Dry Eye Intense Drops work by creating a water-rich shield that helps reinforce the mucin layer and protect the epithelial cells in the surface of the eye.

The formulation works with your natural tears by binding the water in your tears to the surface of your eye therefore reducing evaporation and increasing comfort.

The quality of the ingredients produces very little blur on application and there’s no preservatives so the drops can be applied frequently to combat painful symptoms of Dry Eye Disease.

How To Use: 

  1. Before use please ensure the tamper evidence seal is intact
  2. Wash hands well before use
  3. Take off the protection cap
  4. Tilt your head backwards and put one or two drops directly in the space between the eye and eyelid while gently pulling the lower lid downwards and looking up.
  5. Ensure you do not touch the eye or eyelids with the tip of the bottle.
  6. After use, shake the bottle downwards in order to remove any residual drop that me be left before replacing the cap. Do not touch the tip with your finger or anything else.
  7. After each use, replace the protection cap on the nozzle head to avoid contamination.


Active Ingredients: Glycerin – 0.2% (Eye Lubricant)

Inactive Ingredients: Hydrochloric acid, sodium hyaluronate, sorbital, trometamol, water

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